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2020 14ers - Shavano and Tabeguache w/ FKKT - Colorado USA

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As I continue to add 14ers (14,000+ ft elevation peaks) to my accomplishments list, I have to venture farther from Denver. For Shavano and Tabeguache, I had to wake up at 2 am, to drive to the trailhead, so I could start around 6am.

The peaks are near each other, so I hiked up Shavano, then down to a spot between them and up to Tabeguache peak. On the return, I had to repeat the trail back up to the summit of Shavano and back down to my car at the main trailhead. It's kind of like 2 mountains for the price of 3.

I also set a FKKT. That is a tongue-in-cheek play on the FKT world. FKT stands for Fastest Known Time, where super athletes continue to out do each other for a run, hike, paddle, or other challenge to get the quickest time along a set route or set of goals. FKKT is much more fun and less serious. It stands for fastest known kilt time; which is doing one of these adventures while wearing a kilt.

As far as I know, this is the FKKT for a Shavano hike. Also the FKKT for the Shavano-Tabeguache-Shavano route. Since I doubt anyone has ever claimed that before, it's probably also the FFKKT (first FKKT) for those routes. And to go one step further, it doesn't seem like anyone has ever claimed a FKKT on any route anywhere, so this is a WFFKKT (world's first FKKT). And that's as far down the rabbit hole that we need to go. Too many acronyms can make one dizzy.

Since fun is the key concept of FKKTs, there are very few formalities around them; there is no need for exhaustive documentation and proof. The recommendation are that you should proclaim on some social site that you set a FKKT. There needs to be no research before or after about a legitimacy of a claim; which leads to a fantastic situation where multiple people can hold a FKKT at the same time with blissful ignorance.

Therefore, without further ado. Here ye, here ye. The following shall be known:

  • I have set a FKKT on a Shavano hike
  • I have set a FKKT on a Shavano to Tabeguache to Shavano hike

My times are estimates of the following. From the trail to the summit of Shavno was 1 hour 54 minutes. Later (after going over to Tabegauache and back) my time from the peak to the trailhead was 1 hour 25 minutes. Total up and down time for Shavano was 3 hours 19 minutes. For the full route to Tabeguache and back was 5 hours 59 minutes and 30 seconds. That is a sub 6 hour time, which is unheard of. But mostly it's unheard of because no one has ever talked about a FKKT record before.

Additionally, these are all inclusive times, including two stops to remove rocks from shoes, eating and picture breaks on each summit (twice on Shavano), a long chat with a former national park service ranger from Montana since I'm planning a trip up there soon, and a pause to help some lost hikers on the way down. However with FKKT's being more about the enjoyment at a chill pace, I am not worried about removing some that to figure out the real moving time / pace.

I hope to set and hear about more of these FKKTs. Enjoy !
Link to my official 14ers.com trip report : https://www.14ers.com/php14ers/tripreport.php?trip=20519

Trip Map

Map/list of all the peaks that I've "bagged".


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