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February 2020

Cairo 2020 - Egypt

a trip back in time

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overview / intro

After visiting Israel, we extended our trip into Egypt. We ventured from the Red Sea beach area across the desolate Sinai peninsula, and into the large metro of Cairo.

There is so much history here with the ancient kingdoms of Egypt and all the artifacts, both large as pyramids and as small as tiny jewels and carved art. Unfortunately, regional and global events have devastated the countries economy. A large and visible portion of the population is in extreme poverty, and their is little in the way of social services to help individuals or even keep the city clean.

They are building a new Egyptian musuem near the Giza pyramids. But we got to tour the original one in the main city area. In addition we saw a couple other museums, and local craft stores dealing with papyrus and rug making. Our time was short, but we saw some highlights and got a feel for the city.


  • Egyptian museum
  • Memphis museum
  • Giza plateau for sites of the pyramids
  • local shops that make rugs, parchments, or other products by hand

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