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Europe 2017 - Netherlands

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Europe 2017

Decided to explore around western Europe. The trip lined up with a friend also traveling away from that same region. So I got to house sit for a few weeks in The Hague, Netherlands. I took the time to visit some other close cities too.

The Hague is an absolutely incredible city. There are plenty of personal and public transit options (big trains, light rail, bus, bike, walk) to get around easy. The city is home to several buildings and museums related to world peace. Somewhat related, it's home to the world court that handles disputes between international countries. You can walk through parks, go out to the beach community, or explore the main metro area that has a range of old castles, new age buildings, and all the hippest coffee shops. I grabbed some local delicious food, both at a farmers market as well as with fast food and the cities finest restaurants.

For some day trips, I checked out Antwerp and Brussels in neighboring Belgium. Antwerp has an incredible train station with gold everywhere. The local shops are known for their jewelry and chocolates. Brussels has Grand Place, Delirium, mini-Europe, the Atomium, and lots of cool architecture.

Another trip was farther north into the Netherlands to check out Leiden. It's a smaller city with a castle and city square where locals hang out. But the big attraction in the spring is the surrounding farms and the Keukenhof gardens to see the tulips blooming. Also checked out the main metro cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

These two little countries are an amazing region of Europe, and one of my favorites.
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